The Team

Mr. Hameed Irshad Hussain – Founder & Managing Director – Galaxy

I know that reading 'who we are' on travel websites isn't the most exciting pastime and yet I want to emphasise that what you're reading now is not so much about me the person, as it is about the passion that has gone into creating TripSymphony. We wanted an Online Travel Portal that offered 'Affordable Options, Luxury of Choice and Loads of Fun'. At the same time we wanted an Ecommerce site with the widest range of travel offerings. A veritable One Stop Shop that would satisfy any craving for all things travel related. So get your popcorn, make yourself comfy in your LazyBoy and explore. The fine print has been kept down to the minimum leaving you more time to decide on what you will need to pack.

I am a full-time Travel Junkie and founded TripSymphony along with like-minded friends. You can read about them too. I love to explore and have done plenty of it, both alone and in company. And when I travel now, it is with the intention of finding great locations and deals for your next holiday. I have 30 plus years of experience in the Airline Industry having served time with British Airways, Gulf Air and Etihad Airways. Music and Sport is in my blood. I played league cricket with a bunch of wacky but gifted guys and in my college days I drummed in a Rock Band. This little bit of my youth inspired three signature offerings and they are Symphony in Music, Symphony in Sport and Symphony in Fashion.

On the lighter side, I enjoy the company of people who don’t take themselves too seriously, have an easy smile with a sense of fun and adventure. They make great travelling companions.

Must have travel accessory: Laptop ( with loads of music )
Favorite activity: Traveling
Dream invention: Supersonic travel with no jet lag

Mr. Anthony A. Mendonca – Founder & Director – Business Innovation ( and Inspiration )

Although my name is Anthony A Mendonca, I really cannot remember when I was last called Anthony. I am popularly known as Tony and I know I am showing my age when I say this but I am a 34 year Travel & Airlines veteran. My first 4 years served as an introduction into the travel business having cut my teeth with Mezoon Travels and later Oman United Agencies in Muscat, two of the largest GSA’s at the time. An 18year stint with British Airways in a variety of roles which included Training was then topped off as the Sales Manager for Emirates Holidays in the Southern Emirates. I am an accredited Trainer with Directive Communications International in Coloured Brain Communication.

All that experience now comes into play as the co-founder and Director of Innovation for TripSymphony. My remit as with my colleagues and co-founders is very simple, to look at Products, Technology, Partnerships and Team Development that will take TripSymphony into the next decade and beyond.

I am a keen sportsman and I still play active hockey, I enjoy reading, writing and music and am family oriented. I am married to Vandana, a successful Holistic Therapist and have two sons . Shiva at 19 is in his 2nd year at Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts. Arya at 14 is in his 10th grade in The Cambridge H.S. in Abu Dhabi.

I have been blessed with good people in my life, all my life.

Dream Big – Fulfill them.