Travel Tips

TripSymphony's Top 21 Travel Tips for the 21st century.

Here are 21 of our top travel tips. If you think about it you're very likely to have your own based on your travel experiences, however, read on and see if any of our travel tips match your own.

1) Leave the Swiss Army knife at home. Carry your universal adaptor, Stereo headphones and a spare battery for your camera. Murphy's law usually has the last word.

2) When on holiday you're likely to come across wacky names and signs. Make sure you have your camera ready to immortalise your holiday.

3) Socks and underwear can be washed and re-worn. Always take swim wear on your holiday.

4) You don’t have to be on a pilgrimage to witness a miracle like walking on water. Keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready for you never know when you might be blessed.

5) Border Control and Customs Agents were mostly High School Principals in their previous life. They rarely appreciate humour or sarcasm.

6) Visit DisneyWorld at least once in your lifetime. There is an inner child in you that will be eternally grateful.

7) Be adventurous, curious, explore. Life’s greatest moments come from exploring the unknown or just the downright crazy. Discover the real you.

8) If carrying medication, have it in the original packaging and preferably with a valid prescription. Most countries adopt a very serious attitude towards medication that makes you all droopy eyed or excessively happy.

9) Don’t ever travel with more bags than you can conveniently manage on your own. You may just have to do it.

10) Always have sufficient insurance coverage to start from the time you leave home till the time you return. Remember Murphy’s Law.

11) Sample local cuisine. You can always call for a Pizza once the nausea settles down.

12) Never ever carry a package for anyone, including people you know. It is not worth the risk.

13) Learn a few phrases in the local language. It will be immensely useful when trying to find a bathroom in a hurry.

14) Don’t leave your baggage or children unattended.

15) Photocopy your passports and credit cards. Leave the passports and copies of your credit cards safely locked away at your hotel unless you need your passport for a specific reason. Losing your passport is more traumatic and ‘louder’ than losing your spouse.

16) The Kelloggs variety pack is a handy snack on the aircraft. Chewies and Chewing Gum help to alleviate ear pressure on take-off and landing. If your ears are still blocked after you have landed, check to make sure you have removed the foam inserts from your ears.

17) Carry sunscreen and a cap. Use both. If only to limit any unappreciated Public Demonstrations of Affection. Oh, wraparound shades do make you look cool.

18) Use your Frequent Flyer Miles to ‘upgrade’.

19) Never take an un-licensed/un-authorised taxi from the airport. It could very well be your most lasting impression of the country.

20) Collect Airline Barf-Bags. They will come in handy long after your flight has ended.

21) If travelling in economy, expect some level of discomfort due to insensitive fellow passengers. Don’t sweat it.